Global Film Studio
Video Message - October 2014

Daria Trifu and Bruno Pischiutta, the President and the Chairman of the Board respectively of Global Film Studio Inc., talk about the current investment (Private Placement for Accredited Investors) and strategic partnership opportunities available at their Company.

On October 20, 2014, Mr. Robert Bramley from Florida, USA has been appointed as the Spokesperson for Global Film Studio Inc. Mr. Bramley represents the Company with the media and with the public. He advocates for the Company’s position and for its goals. Mr. Bramley will further participate to radio and TV shows in America where he will present and discuss the several film projects and ventures of Global Film Studio. In addition, Robert Bramley handles the Investor Relations department of the Company for North and South America.
Mr. Robert Bramley holds a Masters Degree in marketing which allows him to "look at paintings but also look left and right to see things not on the canvas”. Previously, he has worked for five major companies in the USA, including the gold mining company E-USMCS Inc. where, by using both radio and TV, he helped expand their customer base by 150% with sales of gold to over 2,500 new customers. Mr. Bramley has also worked in both Radio and TV productions helping filming teams reach investors. He has a strong marketing program that helps showcase the Company's films plus it helps grow its footstep internationally. "Building marketing programs requirers knowing the top executives' needs but also their future goals. Only by working closely with each project can the spokesperson meet the company needs time and time again. I do this by understanding the company, but as well the members of the team” said Mr. Bramley.

Robert Bramley on LinkedIn

Please address Investor Relations and Media Inquiries to Mr. Bramley at: thebramleys [at] msn [.] com

Company Overview

Global Film Studio Inc. has been federally incorporated in Canada. It is a financing, holding and film distribution company with a world spectrum. The objective is to take Global Film Studio public and to establish the Company as one of the most relevant international media entities in the world.

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Executive Summary

Officers and Directors

Bruno Pischiutta - Chairman of the Board

Bruno is the Founder, President and C.E.O. of Toronto Pictures Inc., a Canadian company incorporated in 1996. He is the Artistic Consultant of Brasov International Film Studio & Market. Bruno is also the Founder and Chairman of the Toronto Pictures Film Academy of Ghana and a Celebrity Ambassador for Humanity Healing Foundation (USA).

Bruno Pischiutta, internationally celebrated and awarded writer, director and producer is known for his lifelong commitment to fostering the art of film making.

Throughout his +30 year career in the professional Film Industry, Bruno wrote, directed, produced, executive produced and edited feature films, TV shows and documentaries that were widely screened in cinemas and broadcast throughout Italy and other European countries. Bruno is also a published writer and he received several international Awards. He is known for his socially conscious and non violent films.

His latest feature film PUNCTURED HOPE, was screened in theaters in Los Angeles for three months during the 2009 Academy Awards® season. The film was nominated by The Political Film Society (Hollywood) as ‘BEST FILM EXPOSE’ and ‘BEST FILM ON HUMAN RIGHTS’ of 2009 alongside AVATAR, THE HURT LOCKER, INVICTUS and INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. This nomination qualifies Maestro Pischiutta as one of the best film directors of dramatic feature films in North America. More information at: Bruno Pischiutta (IMDB). For a complete vision of Bruno's body of work, you may read the article "Film Director Bruno Pischiutta: A Renaissance Man" by Sabrina Johnson published in Daria! magazine.

Daria Trifu - President, C.E.O. and Member of the Board of Directors

Daria is the the Founder, President and C.E.O. of Adhara Properties Inc., a Canadian company federally incorporated in 2003, and Publisher and Editor-in- Chief of “Daria!” Magazine. She is the Creator and Director of Brasov International Film Festival & Market and President of Brasov Film Center s.r.l. Daria is also a Founding Member and President of the Toronto Pictures Film Academy of Ghana and a Celebrity Ambassador for Humanity Healing Foundation (USA).

Daria Trifu is an excellent role model for the current generation of Romanian girls. She is one of the youngest and most powerful film executives in the world. More information at: Daria Trifu (LinkedIn)

Bernhard Szondi - C.F.O. and Member of the Board of Directors

Bernhard was elected at the General Assembly of the Company on January 7 in Toronto. Based out of Brussels, he has a professional track-record of over 30 years, both as a senior executive and as an entrepreneur. As a founder and CEO, he has a proven track-record in setting up and restructuring organizations as well as deploying them internationally.

By holding different executive positions in large blue chip corporations such as Kraft Foods, Johnson & Johnson and Wrangler Jeans, as well as in mid-sized corporations as a CEO, COO, General Manager, Export Director, Sales & Marketing Director and CFO, Bernhard Szondi has accumulated an unusual combination of skills and practical experience across functional areas. His international exposure gave him the opportunity to build a strong and reliable worldwide network across industries. He is also a lecturer in International Marketing. More information at: Bernhard Szondi (LinkedIn)

Advisory Board

Freddy D'herckers
, Senior Finance Executive - Freddy has established his own business since early 2006 after a long and successful career with Blue Chips in various parts of the world. Starting in Finance Planning in Belgium for subsidiaries of Wormald and Thiokol, Freddy has started the Internal Audit department of Jacobs Suchard in the early 80's prior to becoming Finance Director in Belgium and extending his roles and geographies to Mexico, Hungary, Czech & Slovakia, Africa-Middle East and West Asia, Northern Europe and finally Latin America & The Caribbean prior to return to his home country to be closer to his wife and 5 children.

Freddy is passionated by new ventures and as a consequence, has welcome the opportunity to join the Advisory Board of Global film Studio. More details on Freddy D'herckers (LinkedIn)


Fadi Karam
, General Business Manager from Dubai – his past and present working experience in general management, marketing and brand management includes holding positions at Nestle, Procter & Gamble and Microsoft. He stands today as a solid brand building and marketing expert. Fadi is also currently an Alfred P. Sloan fellow at Stanford University.

Dumitru Preda PhD (n. 1951), MP, University Professor - Romanian Ambassador to Cuba and one of Romania’s most renown historians – Dr. Dumitru Preda, PhD, is a Minister-Counsellor, Director of the DOR-MAE; former Deputy Permanent Delegate of Romania to UNESCO (Paris) from 2002; Chargé d’Affaires a.i. in 2004 and 2006 and, since November 2011, he serves as the Romanian Ambassador to Cuba. His work in Cuba is highly regarded as the one that will help to expand cultural, economical and medical relations and collaborations between the two countries in the coming years. Considered one of Romania’s most renown historians, he is the author of 50 volumes and over 150 studies that have been published internationally. In 2002 he received the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diploma of Merit for his “outstanding contribution to the diplomatic activities.

Carl Schulze, C.E.O., Civil Engineer - Carl is a Belgian citizen born in 1958. After achieving his Master degree as Civil Engineer (Master of Science) at the University of Ghent, he has worked for large international companies like IBM (Information Technology - 3 years), Kraft (Food  - 7 years) and Carrefour (Retail - 7 years) in functions related to Information Technology, Supply Chain and Sales / Marketing at international level. He's served on several Boards of operating companies.

As of 2002 he has been acting as CEO of global companies (Food, Flooring business) in excess of € 200 million turn-over and as Vice-President “extended Supply Chain & IT” for a global Pharma company with a turn-over above € 1 billion. Carl is passioned by international business and the leverage that teams can create in materializing success by working together for a common goal, the “1 + 1 = 3” principle.